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Save money on legal bills and books by making a bulk order for Dancing with Lawyers.

Almost anyone over age thirty will have to deal with lawyers at one time or another; some people have to deal with them continually. Corporations, non-profit organizations, homeowners associations, and native tribes have all succeeded in reducing their legal bills (and headaches!) by purchasing Dancing with Lawyers for their boards and councils.

If you are buying Dancing with Lawyers for personal use, tell your friends, family, and co-workers; if you order 10 or more copies, you'll save over 40% off the retail price.

U.S. Edition: hardcover, 196 pages, 6 x 9".

Price ( U.S. $ )
10+ copies $13.95 each
11-49 $11.50
50-99 $10.25

FREE SHIPPING for bulk orders.

Call or email for further information.

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