Dancing With Lawyers
Third Edition, revised March, 2013
  • How to get a lawyer to focus on your agenda, page 32.
  • Learn the critical difference between a lawyer's judgment (lethal) and information (sometimes priceless), page 14.
  • How to tell the difference between a lawyer who can do the job, and one who wants to wing it (at your expense), page 73.
  • Key words that tell you a lawyer intends to overcharge, page 55.
  • How to slash legal bills by applying the Universal Theory of Billing. One critic said, "These 2 pages alone are worth far more than the cost of the book." See page 92.
  • How to negotiate the bill up front, page 99.
  • 6 ways to find the right lawyer (asking friends isn’t one of them), pages 67–73.
  • 9 questions to ask a lawyer before setting foot in their office, pages 73–75.
  • How to avoid litigation, pages 40–42.
  • Which consultations are free, and which ones start the meter. See page 108.
  • Get a lawyer to work on your job (instead of doing lunch). Pages 62–64 tell you how to write out a schedule (yes, you need one) and keep your lawyer on it.
  • How to deal with an overbearing lawyer: read Adopt an Attitude on page 32.
  • A sample contract with a lawyer (not pushy, but quite specific), page 121.

"Carroll probably knows as much as anybody about lawyers." – The New York Times

"Dancing with Lawyers shows the client how to lead without the lawyer stepping on their toes." – The Houston Post

"Witty and irreverent . . . it offers simple ways for individuals and companies to supervise lawyers." – The Globe and Mail, EDITORS’ CHOICE

"It takes apart the legal profession with surgical – and often hilarious – precision. . . . More important, it provides hugely valuable insights into managing the relationship in a cost- and business-effective way." – Ralph Warner, lawyer and author of Fed Up With the Legal System

"An absolute must for anyone hiring a lawyer. . . . Dancing with Lawyers is the best book written on dealing with lawyers." – Today's Business Journal, New York City

"Dancing with Lawyers is a must for any reference shelf." – The Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"A no-nonsense approach, Dancing with Lawyers gets down to brass tacks . . . This straight-forward, readable book is full of practical advice." – The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

"Non-fiction books should inform. When they entertain it’s a plus, and when they delight it’s truly a bonus. This one does it all in spades.... If you already have a lawyer you need this book, and it may be the best twenty bucks you spend this year." – The Victoria Times Colonist


"A lively, world-wise guide that de-mystifies the lawyer-client relationship." – Michael Pertschuk, former Chairman, Federal Trade Commission

"Wise and useful advice." – Robert Townsend, author of Up The Organization

"It levels the playing field between customer and lawyer, and then hands the ball to the customer." – Gilbert Levin, CEO, Biospherics

"An extraordinary book – it not only lays out the pitfalls, but comes up with the remedies for effective management of the lawyer-client relationship, which is so often skewed in the lawyer’s favor." – Miriam Kohn, Clinical Psychologist, Washington, DC

"I was (I am retired now) the owner operator of a small, high-tech business in Toronto, without too much knowledge of the law. Before reading the book I was easy meat for lawyers. Happily, that changed abruptly!" – Duncan McNeill, Chester, Nova Scotia

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